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Welcome to City Wholesale Electric!

For some time now, we have been leading the way in this industry by digitizing our operations. We were one of the first in our region to completely digitize our inventory system, moving away from the system of hand-written tickets and pick slips, which used to create many errors in the ordering and receiving processes. Customers continued to be very pleasantly surprised by the fact that a quaint, family-run operation such as City Wholesale would have spent the resources for such an upgrade. What a savvy decision that was!

Now we are taking the business into the 21st century and would like to offer our services to our customers online. Since we are a wholesale electrical distributor, we will still only be able to offer our lowest prices to qualified resellers, contractors, electricians, etc... but our inventory is available to the general public through our website.We are also able to deliver locally, if the minimum order is met, and for our customers across the country, UPS can handle that part.

So give us a call now or click above to create your account. You can browse our online catalog of over 15,000 products, all at the lowest prices, but in order to submit a quote, or place an order, you will need to create an account. If you cannot find the part or device you are looking for, please contact us, and we will quote you and place the item in our catalog within 48 hours so you can purchase online. Call or click today!


High Efficiency, Low Energy - LED:

The real deal with LED lighting - LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology has been around since it's invention in the 1920s in Russia. Only in the early 1960s did it come to America as a practical electronic component where they all emitted a dim red light. Modern LED components however, produce light across the visible and some invisible spectra (ultraviolet and infrared wavelengths). LED lighting sources are robust, small, fast devices which use less energy than modern CFL bulbs and last longer too.

We are now offering LED fixtures for your LANDSCAPE, UNDER-CABINET, OUTDOOR, and RECESSED lighting projects. To find out more about what LED can do for you, call or email to speak with our staff: Email

Can't Find What You Are Looking For?

While we stock and sell approximately 15,000 items from the industry's leading manufacturers, that is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the total products in this industry.

The folks at have created a nifty program which lists (at the time of this article) over 500,000 products from over 60 of the field's top producers. Click HERE to use their Part Finder service.


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